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Well that was a busy weekend, but then they usually are in the fall when we're getting ready for winter. For me this weekend it was putting up the last of the posters in my office, fixing the screen door, clearing up the tree we felled last week, mowing the lawn, building a burn pile, and then burning it. And that was just Saturday. Today I changed the lawnmower blades, mowed the ditches and fence lines, built another burn pile of the remaining brush and scrap wood from the shop. Tonight we're having company for dinner, and if the rain holds off we'll have another bonfire.

I need a couple days off to recover I think.

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I have to say that waking up early in the morning because some predator has dragged a chicken out of the coop to eat it is not as great as you would think.

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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you on the list who are Canadian. For those of you in the US, happy Columbus Day ( you should watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKEwL-10s7E ). For those of you in the rest of the world, happy Monday.

This morning I headed over to a friends place. He was over for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and helped up bring down a tree that was dead and threatening to fall on the chicken coop. While I was cutting, he poked fun at how dull my chainsaw was (rightfully so). So today he showed me how to properly sharpen my chainsaw blade, and also pulled off a stuck bearing from my snowblower. Amazing what using the correct tools will do for a job! After that I helped him with a few little things around his shop, then I came home and bucked up the tree we felled yesterday. Sharp saws cut wood like it is butter. :-)

Tried to fit in mowing the lawn before the rain started, but failed. Got soaked finishing it.

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Golfing went well Saturday. It was sunny and nice all afternoon. Then we came home and had a big crab dinner. Yummy! Today cut down a dead tree that was threatening to fall on the chicken coope, had a really late turkey lunch, and had a small bonfire. It was raining this evening but it was light enough rain that I lit the fire anyway. Need to have a few more of those over the next month or so to get rid of all the accumulated brush and branches from this year.

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The long weekend is here, and we woke up to torential rain. So I plopped myself down on the couch to catch up on some magazines and drink some tea. While the wife went out to ride her horse in the rain. And behold! 2 hours later and it is nice and sunny out. Tea time for the win! May actually be able to get out to golf this afternoon? We shall see.