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Busy long weekend. On Friday I did a very long bike ride without having trained for it at all. Rider's call it a metric century ride. A century ride is a 100 mile ride. A metric century ride is 100 kilometers. Lots of hills around here, so it was a challenge. Took me 4 hours and 45 minutes to do. When I got home I did some work on the lawn mower, then mowed the lawn.

Saturday, I took a couple bikes into the bike shop for some TLC, dropped off a bunch of recycling, got some groceries, and finished building a wall behind the manure pile (driving in nails until I could not hold the hammer any longer). Then in the evening we had friends over for dinner, and had a bonfire. I've posted a few pictures from the bonfire (this weeks and last weeks), including a shot of Dexter our cat enjoying one of them.


While we were out watching the bonfire Saturday we saw the space station go overhead with the supply ship trailing behind it. According to the news it docked about 5 hours later. That was pretty cool.

Sunday, the soreness from the ride Friday showed up. My legs were super sore. So Sunday's activities were restricted to cleaning up the burn pile to remove all the nails and metal that was attached to the fence posts and pallets that were burned.

And asl on Sunday, I put together this mailing, which I forgot to send out until now...

Not the brightest crayon in the box now, are we?

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Busy weekend last week. Spent Saturday working on fence repairs, which was pretty tiring. Followed by a long run on Sunday (21km/13mi). And a bonfire. Had to go back to work for a rest.

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Hi all!

The weather here has been really nice of late. Sunny and warm enough to run in a t-shirt. Just took the winter tires off the car and put the summer wheels back on. Woot!

Of course this means than in a day or two the temperature will drop 20 degrees and we'll get a freak snow storm...

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Hi folks!

Spring has definately sprung here. It is suddenly t-shirt weather here. Waited too long to give the lawn it's first mow of the season. Should have mowed it a few weeks back. It's growing at a crazy pace now.

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Is it the weekend yet?