I wanted to go bowling, but I didn't have the spare time.

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A sunny and nice weekend here. Temps are around 11c (52f). Got out for a ride on Saturday. Lots of people out mowing their lawns. If it wasn't for the trees having no leaves, I would have said it felt like a nice September day. There are some trees starting to get the start of this year's leaves, and there are lots of flowers blooming. I noticed buds on our magnolia tree today, and there are purple flowers in our front garden.

Today I got the lawn mower running and mowed the lawn, then limed it. It was at least a couple weeks overdue for mowing. That's crazy early even for the west coast.

Reader Deborah sends in this: "Poor Boston, God is punishing the Patriots because we all know the NFL won't."

Well, at least they got their 100 inches of snow. :-)