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On Sunday afternoon, one of our neighbours knocks on our front door. She was from 6 doors down (I'd never met her). She asks if we're missing any turkeys. I said no, we only raise chickens. She asks if I know of anybody raising turkeys in the neighbourhood. I said I don't know of anybody. She says that there are 20 turkeys loose and wandering around by the end of her driveway and she thought they came from our direction. I suggested she try the other direction. There are a few new people who moved into a few properties a couple years ago and have started keeping livestock. And off she went.

Kinda weird though. "Are you missing any turkeys?" is a strange question to open with...

Fast forward to Monday. Knock at the door. Another person I don't know asking if I'm missing some turkeys. Nope. He says they are blocking the road and won't get out of the way.

This evening they were on my direct neighbour's property, and his alpaca's were kinda freaked out by them.

I still have not seen them though.

One of my friends suggested I make up some small anti-thanksgiving signs and put on the side of the road with them. I'm thinking something along the lines of "The Turkey Liberation Front has freed the turkeys!"