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Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted.

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Hi folks,

I have successfully passed my cold on to the no-longer-feeling-better half here at Thieving Joker HQ. I expect to hear some serious snoring tonight.

The speed of time is one-second per second.

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Spent the weekend with the cold I caught at work last week. At least it was just a little cold that's going around and not the flu/plague because I hear that one really sucks.

I took Saturday afternoon and Sunday off and just relaxed, read some magazines, watched some youtube, had a nap, and I feel mostly better today. Yay!

That will teach me for going into the office!

Man who scratch bum should not bite fingernails

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Happy Singles Awareness Day!

They told me I was gullible and I believed them.

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I had to go into the office three times this week. I usually only go in one day a week so going in three times in one week is just yuck. I think I got a cold from my co-workers. Blech.

While walking around downtown, there are always people standing around wanting to talk to you about some cause or another. They all try some sort of conversation starter to try to get your interest as you pass by. As I was passing one of these, I hear them say (to another person passing by): "Are you wondering why we are dressed in pink and talking to people?", to which the passerby replied "I don't give the slightest fuck why you are there. I'm going home and having a cold beer." and then kept on walking.


A pet store gave away birds with no perches necessary

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It was a long weekend here. Had some friends over for dinner and drinks on Sunday, then spent some time Monday working out in the workshop today.