Joke stolen from: Daily Clean Jokes

*It's a Conspiracy, I Tell You!*

Ever get the impression that organizations and companies are secretly working together for their benefit and to the chagrin of ours? We suspect these relationships may exist! See what you think:

The glove manufacturers are paying the winter coat designers to outfit their garments with narrow pockets.

The soda companies are paying the potato chip manufacturers to make their snack foods extra salty.

The underwear manufacturers are paying the granola companies to greatly increase the amount of fiber in their snack bars.

The policeman's unions are paying the leaders of political protest groups to encourage their members to act extra rowdy.

The Magic Marker manufacturers are paying top-ranking politicians to devise completely unacceptable legislation.

The supermarkets are paying the weather forecasters to totally hype up the arrival of upcoming storms. Yes, we know this one is true!

*Received from HaHaFunnies*