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*----------- Dude, Where's My Cooler? -----------*

Police in Washington state said a cooler donated to a Goodwill store turned out to contain something far more valuable -- $24,000 worth of marijuana. Monroe police said workers at the local Goodwill were sorting through donations during the weekend when they came across the cooler. "This cooler was donated over the weekend to the Goodwill. Employees surprised when they opened the lid," police tweeted. The cooler was found to contain multiple baggies containing a total 3.75 pounds of marijuana, which police estimated had a $24,000 street value. Police are investigating and the Goodwill store is checking surveillance footage to try to identify the person who donated the cooler.

Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

*--- Piano Found to Have Hidden Stash of Gold ---*

A British inquest is being held to determine the rightful owners of a stash of gold coins found inside an antique piano during restoration efforts. The Shrewsbury Coroner's Court heard a repair worker hired by the instrument's new owners discovered someone had previously stashed an undisclosed number of gold coins inside the upright piano -- coins that date between 1847 and 1915. The hoard was initially brought to the attention of Peter Reavill, who serves as finds liaison officer for the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme at Shropshire Museums. Reavill did not reveal the worth of the coins, but he told the BBC they represent "the potential of yielding a life-changing sum of money." Experts said the gold could become the property of the crown under the Treasure Act if the rightful owners are not identified.

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Is That 10 Lbs of Coke in Your Pants or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

A man who arrived in New York from a trip to the Dominican Republic was found to be sporting some unusual underwear - 10 pounds of cocaine. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Juan Carlos Galan Luperon, a U.S. citizen, was wearing pants that "appeared to be rather snug" and was showing signs of nervousness when he arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport following a trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Luperon was taken to a private search room where officers found about 10 pounds of cocaine duct taped around both of his legs. The cocaine was valued at more than $164,000. "This seizure is another example of our CBP officers being ever vigilant in protecting the United States from the distribution of these illicit drugs," said Leon Hayward, acting director of CBP's New York Field Operations. Luperon was arrested and turned over to Homeland Security Investigations to face narcotics smuggling charges.

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Stephen Parker of Sugar City, Idaho, was working on his Toyota Prius, when the car jack slipped and the 6,000 pound car fell on top of him. Only his 8-year-old son J.T. was outside to witness the accident.

Stephen managed to tell his son to lift the car jack before he passed out.

The little boy, who weighs just 50 pounds, repeatedly jumped up and down on the handle of to lift it.

After 15 minutes, he managed to lift the car enough for his father to be freed. He then ran to find his older brother who called for help while attending to his father.

Stephen was airlifted to the hospital. He survived despite suffering 13 broken ribs.

The day after the incident, his family asked J.T. to lift the car jack again, but as hard as he tried, he was unable to do so. Now, J.T. was honored by the Red Cross for his heroic act that saved his father's life.

Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

Authorities in Oregon said a man who stole a street sweeper led police on a 10-mile chase that reached speeds of up to 65 mph. Hillsboro police and the Washington County Sheriff's Office said a private contractor was using the street sweeper to clean a Winco parking lot about 3:45 a.m. Sunday and got out of the vehicle to use a handheld leaf blower. Investigators said a suspect, later identified as Tyler Haugewood, 33, jumped into the street sweeper, which still had its engine running, and sped away. Hillsboro police pursued the street sweeper in a 10-mile chase that reached speeds of 65 mph before the vehicle was stopped by spike strips laid out by sheriff's deputies. Haugewood was arrested and charged with vehicle theft, reckless driving, attempting to elude, unlawful entry of a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and a parole violation.