Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

A mother was arrested after having sex with students at her daughter's party. The Florida mother is facing seven different charges after providing alcohol to minors and having sex with five boys at her daughter's party. Police said that 40-year-old Jaimie Ayer returned to her home to find that her daughter was throwing a party for her friends. Ayer began socializing with the teens and provided them with alcohol, police said. She then told one teenager that she needed to shower and she invited him to "come to help her," police said. Classic. She then had sex with five boys. Three of the boys are 16 and two are 17. Police began an investigation after receiving a tip after the wild party. Although the sex acts were consensual, the boys are underage and therefore, Ayer was arrested on charges of unlawful sexual activity. The mother is being held on $22,000 bail.