Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

Of all the places to walk into while waving a firearm around, you'd think a gun store would be the worst. And you would be right. But one Georgia bad man never thought that far ahead.

The two armed robbers walked into the Dixie Gun and Pawn shop in Mableton, Georgia dressed in ski masks.

At first, they aimed the gun at an unarmed employee. The employee put his hands up in the air and pleaded for mercy as he walked towards the store owner.

The store owner, 64-year-old Jimmy Groover, was standing with his back to the armed robbers and he did not immediately realize that his employee was being held at gunpoint.

The armed robbers ordered the employees and the two customers to get down on the ground or they will be killed.

As soon as Groover turned his back, the armed man shot at him. The bullet hit the glass window.

Groover then grabbed his own gun from the holster on his waist and shot at the robbers.

One of the masked robbers fell to the ground and he died at the scene, while the accomplice managed to escape.

Groover is upset over the fact that he had no other choice, but to shoot at the armed robbers to protect his workers, customers and himself.

"I hate that this happened. I have been doing this 30 years. Nothing like this has ever happened. I never wanted this to happen, but I want to go home at night too," Groover said.

No charges were filed against Groover after police reviewed the stores surveillance videos and ruled that it was a clear case of self-defense.

Police are still looking for the accomplice.