Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

A man is happy that his furry friend protected his home from a thief.

Adam Pearl of Idaho, said that he came home to find foot- prints in the snow, leading to the back of his home.

He said that this was strange as nobody goes to the back of his home. However, when he went into his home, he found that things were out of place and that doors have been left open.

He then checked his gun safe and found that it had been tampered with, but the safe was still locked and the guns were inside.

He called the Meridian Police, and he filed a report. While the officer wrote up the report, Pearl said that she was startled by a noise in the home.

Pearl told the female officer that the noise came from his pet squirrel named Joey.

The officer asked if the squirrel bites people and Pearl responded that he does not.

Later, Pearl got a call from the officer who informed him that they had the suspect in custody.

The officer said that the suspect had scratch marks and when she asked if he get that from the squirrel, the suspect replied: "Yes, that thing kept attacking me and wouldn't stop until I left," according to Pearl.