Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

*-- The Exotic Mississippi Tree-Climbing Dogs --*

Ok, if there is one thing dogs to NOT do, it is climb trees. That is why it seems odd that this Mississippi man would climb a tree to look for his lost dog. Odder still is the fact that he did it naked, but then again who knows what is normal in Mississippi. The Union County Sheriff's Office said that Shane Treadaway was looking for his lost dog when he climbed on top of a tree. At some point, Treadaway fell and ended up hanging upside down from the tree. Police do not know how Treadaway lost all his clothes. After four hours of hanging from the tree, Treadaway's girlfriend began looking for her lost boyfriend. She was shocked to find him hanging upside down from the tree. Treadaway was taken to the Tupelo hospital. Police are still investigating the incident.