Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

A Nevada Highway Patrol dashboard camera was recording when a trooper was drenched by a load of beer that fell from a truck. The highway patrol said Trooper Travis Smaka had pulled a driver over for speeding. "You guys have anything to drink tonight?" Trooper Travis Smaka asks the vehicle's occupants in the dashboard camera footage. The driver says he has not been drinking, and moments later the sound of a truck losing its load of beer can be heard. The video shows a wave of beer from shattered bottles go straight toward the trooper. "Well, over 1,000 pounds of beer shattering and a tidal wave of beer coming at me," Smaka said. Troopers said the semi is believed to have lost its load due to slamming on its brakes when cut off by another vehicle. A similar crash on a Florida highway last year didn't drench any troopers, but it did take the highway happy hour to the next logical level by also involving a truckload of potato chips that ended up in the roadway along with the load of Busch beer.