Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

A couple is lucky to be alive after their truck plunged through a frozen lake while trying to take a shortcut to the other side, according to police in Canada.

Manitoba police said that they received a 911 call from Ko'ona Cochrane and her fiance Ivon Saber, after their truck plunged through the ice of Lake Winnipeg.

Cochrane said that the incident unfolded while they were trying to visit a family member on the other side of the lake. They decided to take a shortcut and drive over the frozen lake in order to save themselves two hours of driving.

Cochrane used her phone to record the journey over the frozen lake. Suddenly, Saber noticed cracks in the ice and slowed down.

Moments later, the truck plunged throughout the ice of the lake. Saber can be heard screaming "bail," as the phone recorded the truck quickly sinking into the lake.

Luckily, the couple managed to get out of the truck through an open window before the truck completely sank underwater. They climbed onto the ice and began to walk to shore.

They also called 911 to report what happened. When the arrived to shore, police and paramedics were waiting for them.

The couple was cold, but unharmed. Their truck was totally destroyed.