Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

A deceased man got a bizarre and seductive send-off when women started twerking on his coffin. A video of the incident from Mexico showed mourners gathering to pay their respects to the man before he was laid to rest. While the wooden coffin was sitting on top of two motorcycles, women got on top and began twerking. Reggae music was blasting while the upbeat crowd seemed to be enjoying the show. At first, one woman began dancing and twerking on the coffin. A female onlooker grabbed the dancer's skirt, exposing her underwear. She then spanked the dancer's backside and threw water on her. A second woman in tight leggings then joined her and also twerked on top of the coffin. The video was posted with the caption: 'When Brayan dies.' The video has been seen more than 36,500 times.