Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

A Nova Scotia man said the province revoked his personalized license plate because his unusual family name, Grabher, was dubbed "socially unacceptable." Lorne Grabher said he has no problem getting a "GRABHER" license plate for his father in 1991, but in December he received a letter from the Nova Scotia Registrar of Motor Vehicles saying his own vanity plate was being revoked after a complaint. He said the letter branded his license plate "socially unacceptable" because it can be read as "grab her," which could be seen as promoting violence against women. "Where does the Province of Nova Scotia and this government have a person with that kind of power to discriminate against my name?" Grab her told local news. He wondered whether the objections to his plate stemmed from the infamous recording released during last year's U.S. presidential election, featuring Donald Trump using the phrase "grab her" in a vulgar fashion. He said he shouldn't be punished for the now-president's actions.