Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

A group of students at the University of Michigan's Engineering program built what is believed to be the largest hand-solvable, stationary Rubik's Cube. The massive 1,500 pound puzzle was unveiled at the university's North campus in an event streamed on Facebook Live. "There is no other human-manipulable cube like this, to the best of our knowledge," a spokesperson for the group said. "So to be very precise, it is the world's largest stationary, human manipulable Rubik's cube." "It took over my life, but it no longer is a project," Noel Perkins, a professor of mechanical engineering, who served as an advisor for the group said. "My dream for the cube would be to bring joy and inspiration to anyone who ever uses it and solves it. If it does that, there's nothing I'd rather be behind at UM."