Joke stolen from: Bizarre News

Just like the famous story back in the day about how a mountail lion attacked Roy Rogers while he was out riding around his ranch and tore off one of his brand new boots a Northern California family also had a close call with one of the brazen mountain cats.

Mark Dolph said he was preparing a meal with his family in their rural, mountainous Pollock Pines, Calif., home when they heard their cats raising a ruckus by the front door.

"I look and I see the door ajar," Dolph said, "but then I looked down right here at the steps and the mountain lion had its head and front paws about three steps down."

Dolph quickly herded his family into a pantry, armed him- self with a pinata bat and called 911. Police arrived at the home about a half hour later, but the cougar had already left.

Dolph said the mountain lion made a mess in the kitchen, breaking several dishes and somehow managed to turn on the water faucet. He said the family's cats hid and survived the invasion.

The mountain lion, also referred to as a cougar, apparently got inside by opening an unlocked door, Dolph said.

The U.S. Forest Service says mountain lions prefer to avoid confrontation with humans and the chances of encountering one are quite small.

Other cougar encounters have occurred this year, however, including a particularly aggressive mountain lion that walked right up to a Canadian woman's home and bared its teeth -- while she filmed from the other side of the window.