Joke stolen from: Charlotte

I called my daughter in Florida today with some of my complaints about getting older...

Aches and pains all over and so on. As I was talking , she asked if she could tell me something that might be encouraging or discouraging depending on how I took it.

I said "Shoot."

Then she began to tell me of a friend of hers who is a nurse in an old folks home.

I immediately responded by expressing the fervent hope that I would never have to go into such a place...

She said, well the nurse I know is very nice, she is even visiting one of her old folks home patients on her day off, but not at the home, instead the old lady, age 92 was in the local hospital.

My daughter asked if she had neen taken seriously ill and the nurse chuckled a bit and said,

"Well, not exactly. You see, she has a male friend who is 97. A couple of days ago, he was visiting her in her room, and well, to make a long story short- someone opened the old lady's bedroom door and caught the two of them in the act of making love. It startled the old lady so much that she fell out of bed. She is in the hospital with a broken hip."

I chose to take this as encouraging, and as I am nearly 70 myself, I know it was a true story.