Joke stolen from: Chucklebuns

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In Colorado, Jack operates a cattle ranch near Durango where he occasionally employed an old Indian everyone called "chief." Chief was a hard worker and most of the cowboys liked him, but everyone knew he was an alcoholic. Jack felt sorry for the old reprobate and would give him some work whenever he could. One morning the chief got up early and still a bit hungover from the previous day, went to repair the outhouse. He got the top off the two holer, and was sawing and hammering away while he was drinking whisky in an unwise attempt to straighten himself out and stop his hands from shaking. Finally, "chief" got so tipsy that he fell into the pit under the two holer. He was unconscious for some time, and injured, so he could do nothing but laid there, passing into and out of conciousnes, til someone came to used the facility. After a few days, all of his friends were looking around the ranch for him, but thought he was on a bender in town. Then Jack went out one morning to do his business in the outhouse, and heard a few groans coming from the hole. He went and got a riata, lowered it in the pit, and pulled "chief" up. He was, naturally, quite a mess, since he was covered with 2 days worth of... well, you can guess !!... When they finally got the "chief" cleaned and bandaged up Jack said "My God "chief", you're a mess. How long were you down there?" The old fellow, coughed, cleared his throated, gave it a few minutes thought, looked up at Jack and gasped, "Many Moons!"