Joke stolen from: Comedy Ezine - Zany Tidbits

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A 34-year old New Yorker injected a cocaine solution into his penis to heighten his sexual pleasure. After enjoying intercourse with his girlfriend on not one but two occasions, he noticed that his erection was still at its full glory.

Having struggled to sleep through the night he woke up to find his boner still standing proud, but due to him worrying about the police finding out about his possession, and indeed the use of an illegal substance, he decided against visiting his doctor.

However after three days of enduring headaches and nausea, caused by the constant trouser swelling, he went to the hospital in search of help. He was admitted immediately and referred to a specialist who diagnosed lack of oxygen to vital bloodstreams in his body, as the cause of his sickness.

He was given numerous drugs and antibiotics to combat the swelling, but shortly afterwards developed blood clots in various parts of his body with gangrene setting in. As a result he lost both legs, nine fingers and his penis. {Dummy!)