Joke stolen from: Comedy Ezine - Zany Tidbits

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You may want to grit your teeth before you read this. This is really gruesome... {It is a little worse than the first one!} When a mate was studying in Ireland, he took up rugby. As his first season wore on, he and the lads were eventually scheduled to play a team which had a reputation for violent play.

Considering that they weren't the most talented outfit to have ever taken the field, they decided to accept the challenge with a "do or die" attitude, hoping things would eventually swing their way.

They didn't, and to make matters worse their star player dislocated his hip after a particularly ferocious tackle. He was clearly in a lot of pain, so they all stood back to allow the medic to, in one swift movement, slot the hip back into its socket.

Then Alan began a long blood curdling scream. To their horror, they realized that one of his testicles had also been jammed into the socket and was now firmly held in the place by the hip. Incidentally, he also managed to rip a vocal chord with his screaming. {Ouch!!}