Joke stolen from: Don

Why does the U.S. have African Americans and Canada have French Canadians?

The Americans had first choice.

Joke stolen from: Don

In this e-mail you have a bit about a governor. I though you might smile at a true story. In 1964 then president Johnson came to Jacksonville Fla. for an inspection tour of the town following a severe hurricane. This was not that long after Kennedy had been killed. I was a Naval photographer assigned to the base at the time. I was sent to the base operation office, where the president was to land, with a great old big Speed Graphic camera. This camera was about the size to two shoe boxes, rather large in size,not easy to hide. I was in the coffee shop having a cup, waiting. when a few friends from the base came in. All threw up their hands, said, "Hello, Bud what are you doing here?" My answer was, " Hi guys, I'm here to shoot the president." Talk about a bad choice of words. Instantly there were more people in suits that you can guess all around me weapons drawn. You could not have drove a tooth pick between my hip pockets with a sledge hammer my pucker factor went so high. I quickly began pointing at the camera and all but screaming, "With this camera, with this camera." Every thing settled down not too long there after when I proved who I was and why I was there but nonetheless they did put two men to watch me closely for the next hour or so till they figured I was harmless. I learned real quick you can tie a knot with your tongue it can take a long time to get apart with your teeth.

Joke stolen from: Don

Thought you might appreciate this. It's an excerpt from the January 1900 issue of Scientific American.

NEW CENTURY--"In the daily press we find a fierce epistolary battle raging between those who believe that the year 1899 marks the close of the nineteenth century and those who hold that not until 1901 shall we cross the threshold to the new era. It seems so difficult to understand that 1800, 1900, 2000, designates not the beginning, but the end of a century. It is evident that there never was a year 0, that the century must begin with a 1. A hundred years ago the same wordy war was waged; a hundred years hence it will be renewed."

Source: or the January 2000 issue of Scientific American.

Don PS Epistolary means letter writing.