Joke stolen from: Duncan


> Excerpts from a recent NZ High Court decision: > > "What is the modern world coming to when a gang of thieves arrive at the > place they are going to rob in a taxi?" Justice Morris asked the > defendants in a robbery case at the Auckland High court. "I despair of the > future for our country when a group of louts like you lack the intelligence > to take even basic precautions to avoid detection." > > Before sentencing Singeli Senivuga and Veileba Jobesa (two illegal Fijian > immigrants) for their part in the robbery of 5 protective helmets and 400 > puncture repair kits from a Mt Eden bicycle shop, Justice Morris continued: > > "It has been put to me that the reason you were so easily apprehended after > the robbery was that you had no getaway car. According to your defence > counsel, that is because you forgot to ask the taxi to wait for you while > you committed the crime. But even more stupidly, you had telephoned the taxi > service in the first place and asked to be picked up at your home, so even > if you had got away it would have been a simple matter to locate and arrest > you later." > > The judge then added: "Why couldn't you steal a car beforehand, like > everybody else? You tell me it's because you don't have licences, but I > preside daily over cases involving professional criminals who don't care > about such trivial matters. You are imbeciles. I hereby sentence you both > to five years imprisonment." > > (Southland Times, New Zealand)