Joke stolen from: groupie24

[Thievingjoker's note: an oldi but a goody! ]

Two guys, Jay and Joe go barhopping one Friday night. After 3 bars they realize that they are broke and Jay only has 40 cents left.

So Jay says, "Dude, Joe, I got an idea" then he takes off out the bar and come back 5 minutes later with a hot dog. "Joe, put this in your pants and I'll show you what I'm going to do next".

When the barman asks them to pay up, Jay drops to his knees and pulls out the hot dog and starts going down on it. The barman was disgusted at the site and kicked them out.

They went on to the next bar, and when the barman asked for them to pay up, again Jay dropped to his knees to give the hot dog a blowjob. In the 11th bar they were so wasted, Jay says to Joe, "I can't do this anymore, everytime I drop to my knees I slam down on them really hard, I can't do it anymore." Joe says," well how do you think I feel? I lost the hot dog 5 bars ago."