Joke stolen from: Joann

'ORAL SPECIALIST' HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DENTISTRY BENSALEM, Pa. -- Police in Bensalem, Pa., were surprised to learn ads for "Oral Specialists" on an online market site had nothing to do with dentistry. Ads found on for "Oral Specialist," "Bensalem Beauty" and "A Quick Afternoon Snack" turned out to be solicitations placed by prostitutes, who have moved off the street corner and onto the information highway. An undercover Bensalem officer told the newspaper he was amazed at how blatant some of the ads were. The officer said he made "dates" with 12 advertisers last week and not a single one even asked if he was with the police department before meeting him at an area hotel. As an added bonus, one of the women brought along her boyfriend -- who just happened to have 55 bags of heroin and 87 bags of crack hidden in his pants.