Joke stolen from: Joann

SIGNS THAT YOU MAY BE SUFFERING FROM DEPRESSION 1 *You've got enough Prozac in your purse to tranquilize King Kong. 2 *You really lose it whenever someone says, "Good morning." 3 *You spend more time in bed than a hooker at a Shriners convention. 4 *You keep your house so dark that mushrooms are growing in the carpet. 5 *Given a choice, you'd have no preference between sex or a root canal. 6 *On a really bad day, you wouldn't come to the door if it was Publishers Clearing House. 7 *You list Dr. Kevorkian as a character reference. 8 *Alcohol gives you strength and food settles your nerves. 9 *Your hands shake so badly that you can brush your teeth without any voluntary movement. 10 *You've cried so much that your contacts have rusted to your eyeballs.