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Angry Wives Help Smash Gambling Ring

A group of Italian wives helped smash an illegal gambling ring after they got suspicious when their husbands began coming home late at night with no money left.

The women, from Palermo in Sicily, got together to follow their husbands every time they left their houses and then exchanged information on their whereabouts.

Police say they shut down two illegal casinos and arrested 12 men after the women passed on their information to local officers, Italian news website reported.

Joke stolen from: Joke Worm - I Shit You Not

Shoplifter Caught With Frozen Drumstick In His Pants

A shoplifter who stuffed a frozen chicken drumstick down his underpants was caught because he couldn't stop hopping around.

A cashier spotted the 25-year-old man moving around and repeatedly touching his groin as he queued for tills at a supermarket in Saronno, Italy.

She called a security officer and the man immediately admitted he had stuffed some frozen food down the front of his pants, Il Nuovo website reports.

The man said he had been unable to keep still because the frozen drumstick was giving him pain. He was handed over to the police who charged him with theft.

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Pontiac, Michigan

Charged with drug-possession, Christopher Johns claimed that he had been searched without a warrant. The prosecutor said the officer did not need a warrant because a bulge in Johns's jacket could have been a gun. "Nonsense," said Christopher who happened to be wearing the same jacket that day. When he handed the judge the jacket, a bag of cocaine fell out. The judge required a five minute recess so that he could gain his composure.

Joke stolen from: Joke Worm - I Shit You Not

South Carolina

An angry man walked into his local police station and threw a bag of cocaine on the counter. He told the desk sergeant that it was a substandard cut and demanded that dealer he bought it form be arrested.

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Norristown, Pennsylvania

Accused of selling drugs, Howard Jones's attorney sought to lower his client's bail from $150,000 insisting that Jones would not think about fleeing. At that very instant, Jones sprinted out of the front door of the courtroom. He was caught fifty minutes later and his bail was raised to $500,000.