NorthCoast Express(tm)

Joke stolen from: NorthCoast Express(tm)

Breakfast was a very late affair that day and the husband and wife were fragile indeed -- badly hung over from a particularly wild party the night before. Bleary eyed, with two trembling hands holding his very black coffee, our hero said to his wife, "Was it you I had anal sex with in the garden last night?"

She struggled to bring him into focus. "About what time," she replied.

Joke stolen from: NorthCoast Express(tm)

Three bachelors were kidding Ken, the married man among them. "You've been married for years now, how come you have no children?" asked one of them. Then trying to make a bad pun, he added, "Is your wife unbearable?"

"Or," said another guy, "is she inconceivable?"

"Maybe she's impregnable!" joked the third man.

"No, boys you're all wrong," lamented Ken "My wife is insurmountable and inscrutable!"

Joke stolen from: NorthCoast Express(tm)

I have a brother who was on a plane that had taken off and was approaching cruising altitude, when one of the flight attendants came on the public-address system. She announced that she was sorry, but the plane's restroom was out of order.

The flight attendant went on to apologize to the passengers for any inconvenience. But then she finished cheerily with: "So, as compensation, free drinks will be served."