Joke stolen from: Pooh-Bah's Adult Humour

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A thief has stolen a life-size cardboard cut-out of a policeman that was intended to deter shoplifters at a supermarket. Police say the cardboard cut-out had been doing a great job of deterring shoplifters. The cheeky thief paid for his groceries and then waltzed off with the life-size cut-out under his arm. But police may yet have the last laugh - as the theft was captured by CCTV cameras and they are confident of making an arrest. Thefts had fallen from 36 per month to just one since the cut-out was introduced two years ago, and police believe the theft may be an act of revenge. The cut-out, which cost $200 to produce, has been rotated between stores. It looks so life-like that some shoppers have even tried to engage the cardboard copper in conversation.