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Cow hit by train lands on farmer's wife

A farmer's wife in Turkey has been taken to hospital after a cow was hit by a train and landed on top of her.

Nazmiye Serengil, from Mus, had taken her cows to graze on a field next to a railway track.

However, one of the cows wandered onto the tracks and was hit by a train.

The cow was hurled into the air and, according to daily newspaper Milliyet, landed on the woman, who was sitting a few metres away.

She was taken to hospital where she received treatment for a broken left foot.


Joke stolen from: Pooh-Bah's News

Caravan damaged by low-flying cow

A holidaymaker has told how a cow caused thousands of pounds worth of damage when it landed on his caravan.

Derrick and Patricia Cogan's caravan was being stored in a disused quarry and the inquisitive cow was grazing too near the edge when it fell.

The couple were told the news when they arrived at the site in north Devon for a week's break in their two-berth holiday home.

The owner of the site in Berrynarbor, near Combe Martin, explained the animal had fallen some 30ft - hitting the side of the caravan and landing on its back.

Mr Cogan, 63, from Frenchay Close, Bristol, said: "The site owner said our caravan got hit by a low-flying cow. I thought it was a joke but he said it was serious, it was damaged."

Mr Cogan admitted it was not an everyday thing, but a pure accident, which he found funny. "I just thought it was totally humorous. My wife and I were in hysterics about it."

The couple still managed to enjoy their holiday in their battered caravan, but are now waiting to have the damaged side replaced. The estimated cost is $4,000.

The cow was left with an injured front leg and Mr Cogan said he hoped it would now have learned its lesson. Insurers Caravan Guard said they had never had a stranger claim.

Marketing manager Craig Thompson said: "We've been in the business 20 years and never had anything like this. It really does take the biscuit. When we got the claim in the whole office was in hysterics.

"We've now got to pay up and get the claim through as quickly as possible so Mr Cogan can use his caravan again."


Joke stolen from: Pooh-Bah's News

Women's mag triggers oven explosions

An Argentinian women's magazine had to publish an apology after issuing advice which led more than 100 microwave ovens to explode.

Claudia magazine said women could restore old bottles of nail varnish by putting them in a microwave oven for three minutes.

But many of the women who tried it found the chemical reaction caused their microwave ovens to explode.

The magazine received more than 100 complaints.


Joke stolen from: Pooh-Bah's News

Prisoner falls through court roof and into judge's chambers

A prisoner in Decatur, Georgia, has fallen through the roof of a courthouse and into a judge's chambers while trying to escape.

Ben N. Rogozensky was one of about a dozen inmates awaiting hearings when he was taken to an empty jury room to speak with his attorney.

The inmate asked to go into the adjacent toilet and from there climbed into the ceiling crawl space, said DeKalb County sheriff's spokeswoman Mikki Jones.

State Court Judge J. Antonio DelCampo was in the courtroom when the barefoot Rogozensky fell through the ceiling and landed near the his desk.

A technician who was fixing the judge's computer alerted security, who grabbed Rogozensky in the hallway.

Rogozensky had been arrested and charged with obstruction of officers and giving false information.


Joke stolen from: Pooh-Bah's News

'Smelly fart' wins man $120,000.00

A Swedish man has been awarded nearly $120,000 compensation after he was fired for telling off a colleague for breaking wind.

Computer technician Goran Andervass took the Swedish Bank, at Riksbanken, to industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal.

He said he rebuked his un-named colleague because he believed he had deliberately broken wind in his office.

"My colleague was absolutely aware of the awful smell. It was pure provocation," he told Aftonbladet.

"I felt provoked by the fart at 7.30am and it made me terribly angry."

The colleague complained to management who suspended Mr Andervass and later made him redundant. He took legal action and was recently awarded the equivalent of $120,000.00

Krister Skoglund, of the Swedish Work Environment Authority, commented: "If a fart is done on purpose when going into somebody's office it is important that management takes the matter seriously."