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"The big innovation of XP is that it has a back door that sucks out all your proprietary information and presents it to Microsoft to sell back to you or any retailer. That's the big innovation of XP - a back door. By the way, it still runs all your favorite viruses."

- Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun Microsystems, quoted in CRN (Computer Reseller News)

Joke stolen from: Quote of the Day

"Wow! I didn't even know. This is such a tragedy! He was an exceptional basketball player."

- singer Mariah Carey, when asked by an interviewer what her reaction was to the death of King Hussein of Jordan. [The submitter notes: She was, of course, mistakenly referring to basketball player Michael Jordan.]

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"FOR LOVE OF THE GAME. (PG-13, 120 minutes) -- Contains sexual situations, strong language and close-up shots of Yankees fans."

- TV listing in the Washington Post National Weekly Edition, September 20, 1999, p. 34.

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"I love my breasts because they were never there before. And now, I wake up in the morning and they look at me in the mirror and say, 'Hello, LeeLee!' I put them away in a shirt, but I always leave a little bit showing."

- teenaged actress LeeLee Sobieski ('Joan of Arc'), in Seventeen Magazine

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"As young Americans, you have an important responsibility; which is to become good citizens."

"I hope you will continue to learn more about our wonderful country. School provides the right foundation so I urge you to study hard."

- U.S. President George W. Bush, from a letter to a class of British 11-year-olds at Oakhill College in Lancashire. He was replying to a letter the students had sent to the geographically-challenged Bush congratulating him on his inauguration. (Reuters news report, June 21, 2001)