Joke stolen from: The Daily Dose

John Pierpont Morgan, the great American financier of the early part of this century, was noted, among other things, for a bulbous red nose of surpassing ugliness. He was to be entertained at the home of the American lawyer Dwight Morrow, and Mrs. Morrow was nervous over the possible behavior of her daughter Anne (who was then very young, but who was to grow up to marry the aviator, Charles A. Lindbergh.)

"Remember, Anne," Mrs. Morrow kept saying, "you must not say one word about Mr. Morgan's nose. You must not even look at it very much."

Anne promised, but when Mr. Morgan arrived, her mother watched and waited tensely. Anne was as good gold but Mrs. Morrow dared not relax. Turning to the financier with a gracious smile, she prepared to pour tea and said, "Will you have one or two lumps in your nose, Mr. Morgan?"