Joke stolen from: The Daily Dose

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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - 21-year-old Carl Lee Reese's luck went from bad to worse when he carjacked a Lexus belonging to Paul Brite, 53.

Brite was confronted by the gunman at a carwash and forced to climb into his own trunk.

Reese drove off, but pulled to the side of the road a short while later fearing Brite had a cellular phone with him. When he opened the trunk the victim came out brandishing two handguns that he had stored there earlier.

The kidnapper refused to comply with several commands to lie on the ground, even after a warning shot.

Brite was finally forced to shoot his attacker in the abdomen when Reese reached for his pocket.

Police said they do not plan to charge Brite.

[Who wants to bet Reese was pro gun control?]