Joke stolen from: The Daily Dose

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Larry Lands Sr. suffered a shotgun wound to one of his legs. The assailant was a dead turkey.

Larry Sr. and his son, Larry Jr., had been out poaching in Washington County, Missouri, when Larry Jr. spotted an eastern wild turkey.

After successfully calling the bird in to his range, Larry Jr. shot the bird. It was not yet the season for wild turkey hunts, so Larry Jr. had to hurry up and bag the bird as fast as he could, tossing the prize into the trunk of their car, along with his semi-automatic shotgun.

After several minutes of sounds coming from the trunk of the car, the Lands duo stopped their car to investigate. (For those of you unaware of the neurological phenomenon of fowl, turkeys, much like chickens, have an pseudo-active nervous system which can last many minutes even after the body has died.)

Upon opening the trunk of the car, they saw the turkey, standing on its own two feet, flapping its wings and obviously reacting in the way that dying birds behave.

Unsure of what to do, they slammed shut the trunk of the car, at which point the turkey slipped onto the shotgun's trigger, discharging a round through the body of the car, and lodging itself into the leg of Mr. Lands Sr.