Joke stolen from: Training2Laugh

My husband was constantly working on our defective washing machine, and his language was often colorful. One day our daughter returned home from a movie, and we asked if she had learned anything from it.

"Only a lot of four-letter words," she told us, "that until now I always thought were parts of our washing machine."

My son crawled for the first time while I was away on exercises.

I also missed Harry's first steps and was afraid an upcoming course would cause me to miss his first words. Each day, I called home and asked if he had spoken yet. The answer was always "no" until my wife told me Harry had something to say to me. "Daddy, daddy," I heard over the phone, and glowed with pride.

My wife came back on the line and replied, "You should come home as soon as possible."

"Why?" I asked.

"Harry was speaking to the dog."