Joke stolen from: Whack Report

Today's true story was sent in by Rick Childers...

I was in Orlando by myself on a business trip, and I went to a restaurant near my hotel for lunch. They were very busy. The gift shop was packed with customers waiting to be seated. I found my way to the hostess so that I could give her my name and begin the wait for my table.

When I got to the hostess, she said, "Hello Sir. Are you HUNGY?"

"Excuse me?" I said.

She repeated. "Are you hungy?"

I thought she must have a speech impediment or maybe that's just the way it's pronounced in Orlando. I replied, "Yes, I am."

To my amazement, I was seated immediately. I thought, "Well, I guess there must be a small table available, or I look *really* hungry" -- but she seated me at a large table and took my drink order.

A few minutes later, she came back with my drink. Then she asked, "Mr. Hungy, when will the rest of your party be arriving?"

I imagine Mr. Hungy was mighty hungry by the time he got a table.