Joke stolen from: Whack Report

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My family loves to exchange gag gifts every year at Christmas -- silly items like Chia Heads or a lump of coal. But about five years ago things turned pretty nasty.

Three months before Christmas, I detected a foul smell emanating from my laundry room. I discovered a rotting goose head inside a cabinet. Knowing who had placed it there (my brother, Scott, who's an avid hunter), I thought of an easy way to get back at him: I put the stinking head in the freezer and there it would keep until Christmas. When the jolly season arrived, I wrapped it lovingly, then presented it to Scott. We all had a laugh and I figured it would be thrown in the trash and forgotten. Not so.

I received the same rotting head the following year -- cleverly disguised in an Irish Spring soap box. Not to be outdone, I had to come up with an even nastier gag gift for Scott than this old stinking goose head. I had a Black Lab with a nasty habit of drooling all over everyone. Scott in particular had always been disgusted by the dog's drooling ways. For a full 6 months, I painstakingly collected this drool inside a Listerine bottle and proudly presented this gift to him for Christmas. Scott was confused that this bottle of Cool Mint Listerine wasn't the classic blue, but instead had a dingy, frothy brown hue. He almost barfed when I told him what it was, and he had to admit it was the nastiest gag gift so far.

Poor old Ma had received the rotted goose head that year (now in its third year of circulation and quite ripe) and apparently wasn't amused since it hasn't been seen since.