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Is it Friday yet? Please tell me it's almost Friday!


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Finished clearing the hilside in our back field on the weekend. Finished with playing rock bowling and pickup sticks. Burned the last of the brush that was left. Grass seed has been planted. Shoulders have almost recovered from it all. Really glad it's done with!

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Well that was a loooong weekend. Took it easy Friday, then spent Saturday and Sunday out working in the field. We had a about half an acre or so of land on a hillside covered in scotch broom and evil thorny vines. We had a guy come in with an excavator and clear it, while I pruned all the broom pushing through the fence. Then we dragged down all the stuff I cut to where we were burning it all. Would have been months of work to do it by hand. I'm bagged, and my arms are shredded from the vines. But it looks great! If you look on the far side of the fence you can see the neighbour's property still covered in the stuff we had removed.


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Another weekend of playing pickup sticks (done), and rock bowling (still in progress). Once I sit down after a day of that, it's REALLY hard to stand up again...

We burned the last of the sticks and branches and crap this evening. Went up really quickly. Letting the brush dry out for a week sure makes it burn easier!

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Hi folks!

Apologies for the lack of mailings. I've been ridiculously busy at work lately. I need a day off.