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That seemed to be a really long week. I'm really glad it's over. Looking out while I was working it seems like I'm going to have to cut the lawn this weekend. It's way too early. I don't normally touch it until April, but some parts of it are 6 inches high already...

The optometrist ran for mayor because he was a visionary

I'm moving to Pennsylvania. I always wanted a Gettysburg address

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Just another sign that one of our dogs is not so bright. We have a smoker for smoking meat. It burns these little pucks made of wood chips to make smoke. But unlike a fireplace, it doesn't burn them entirely, just makes them smolder to make smoke. After it is done with them, we are left with a pile of still hot charred pucks. We put them in a metal bucket to cool off, then throw the bucket into the compost. However one of our dogs has taken to pulling pucks out of the bucket and eating them.

Yup He seems to like eating cajun sawdust.

Little doofus.

Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand

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Hi folks!

It's a long weekend here. I've been taking it pretty easy. Caught up on reading a whole bunch of magazines. Took the Christmas lights that have been laying on the front desck since I took them down weeks ago up to the storage room. Drank some beer. Watched some movies. Got out for a bike ride around the lake while the rain stopped on Sunday.

It has been rough.

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I don't watch football, never played, not really interested in it. Didn't watch the Superbowl on Sunday. But saw all the news after the end. And I have to say, "What the hell were they thinking?" Even I know that was a bad idea...

Now the conspiracy nuts are all over it!