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My blind date's not looking good.

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The weather here is almost back to normal. The temperature is a couple degrees above freezing, and it's raining. Just hoping it doesn't turn to snow overnight. That would be inconvenient.

Sinuses run in our family.

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Hey folks. Still cold here. Temperature barely got above the freezing point today. Looking forward to it warming up a bit later this week. I think the robins would agree. Watching them try to pry frozen worms out of the ground does make me chuckle though.

Lightning storms can be very striking.

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Accomplished a heck of a lot at work today, but that one thing that I wasn't able to sort out makes it feel like the day was a utter failure. On the positive side, I think there is a cure for that, and I happen to have some of it in the fridge...

Firemen do it with a big hose.

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Winter seems to have arrived this weekend. We got about an inch of snow Friday night. I put the snow tires on the car. Man those are some cold lugnuts! When I got up Sunday morning the temperature outside was -9C (16F), which is pretty cold for here.

A 100 yard dash on a scorching day ended in a dead heat.

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After a weekend of nice sunny weather, today was super rainy. Which is fine by me as I'm inside working. The only problem is the cats coming inside and jump in my lap soaking wet. Weather Cat indicates it is raining.

My new idea for a product is a pet door that dries your pet off as it comes in (kind of like the end of a car wash).