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Busy busy week. I was in Vancouver for a couple days to go see Fleetwood Mac. And because I was "taking a couple days off" I ended up working more time on the weekend and evenings. Ended up working more time than I took off. Oh well.

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Another busy Rememberance Day (Veterans Day for those of you in the US). It was a nice sunny day here, but really chilly this morning. Fall is a busy time on the farm, and as we usually do we ended up doing a lot of work around the farm today. Cleared out one of the compost piles and spread it on the field, as well as a big part of the manure pile as well. And the garden got pruned and cleaned out. Built yet another bonfire pile that we'll burn tonight.

Back to work tomorrow.

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Had a wee bit of a wind storm here Thursday, with winds over 90km/h (55 mph). So many trees knocked down that our power was off for 48 hours. The power isn't a big deal as we have a generator that can run the well and keep the fridges and freezers cool. And the pellet stove we heat with ran fine on battery for the two days. The problem was the internet service went out a few hours after the power did. So I had to go into the office Friday to work.

On the positive side, the maple tree on the side of our driveway which still had 3/4 of its leaves on it Wednesday night only had a handful left by Friday morning. I had to get the leaf blower out to remove the knee deep leaves piled up on our gate before I could get out in the morning.

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Spent yesterday cleaning up all the branches/twigs/leaves brought down by the storm. Enough to build a full size bonfire. But having a full maple tree's worth of leaves on the top made it super smokey, and rather high maintenance to burn. It required a lot of tending, and I came out of it smelling like maple bacon.

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Bill Watterson (known for creating Calvin and Hobbes) drew a new comic: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B1r_fd5CQAAouB3.jpg